Forbidden City Adds Full Vegan/Vegetarian Menu!

Forbidden City Middletown

Well, what fabulous news did I find in my inbox this morning? An announcement from one of my favorite restaurants that it will be adding 15 (FIFTEEN!) new vegan and vegetarian dishes permanently to its menu of fine Asia-fusion cuisine. This means two things – 1) restaurants are really beginning to see the value in offering new and exciting choices to attract veg customers (that’s YOU) and 2) I’m going to be eating a lot of Asian food in the next few weeks. Break out the stretchy pants!

The new veg*n menu at Forbidden City Bistro in Middletown is not the kind of veg offering you often see at Asian restaurants, where a plant-based protein is substituted for meat (i.e. General Tso’s Tofu). It’s clear that these dishes were created specifically for the veg*n diner, using unique ingredients, lots of veggies, and all sound creative and delicious.

Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple

Laksa Tempeh is cabbage, tofu, string beans, mushrooms and eggplant in a pineapple curry. Edamame Dumplings are pillows of dough stuffed with truffle oil and the marinated beans. Five-Elements Quinoa stir-fry includes onions, shallots, shiitakes, edamame, black beans and goji berries, while something called “Buddhist Temple” stuffs stir-fried vegetables in light, open-faced buns. Perhaps the dish I’m looking most forward to trying is Crispy Potato-Chive Croquettes, served with slow-cooked northern beans and pickled bok choy.

Laksa Tempeh

Laksa Tempeh

Fava bean ravioli

Fava bean ravioli

From Forbidden City’s press release: “Owner Eric Leong created these items and 13 other vegetarian and vegan delights. ‘I want to offer our community a unique, contemporary spin on vegan and vegetarian cuisine that embraces traditional Malaysian flavors in a modern way.’ Malaysian cuisine is a fascinating blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian food traditions, with Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese and Middle Eastern influences. These new dishes are colorful, exotic, and full of enticing flavors.”

Crispy Potato-Chive Croquette

Crispy Potato-Chive Croquette

Forbidden City is a modern Asian-fusion restaurant on Middletown’s happenin’ Main Street. It has an extensive wine and cocktail list, a beautiful bar and dining room, and private rooms for events. Check out the full vegetarian and vegan menu here.

Forbidden City Interior

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