Miya’s Sushi is Winning New Haven Restaurant Week

Guys, New Haven Restaurant Week isn’t until April 6, but Miya’s Sushi is already winning.

Restaurant Weeks can be a bane of the vegan’s existence – we want to take part in these great, prix-fixe menu deals, but rarely is an animal-product-free option to be found. Think caesar salads, creamy soups, meat-centered entrees and dairy-laden desserts. Sad face.

But, the magnificent Chef Bun has created a tasting menu in which Restaurant Week customers can choose from a wide assortment of creative, non-traditional sushi – many of which appear to be vegan or easily veganizeable (even the desserts!).

Miya’s has always been a super veg-friendly and eco-conscious spot, and it’s awesome to see that Chef Bun is bucking Restaurant Week tradition. Also, the menu sounds AMAZING.

Potentially vegan choices from the full Miya’s RW menu – 

PUMPKIN MISO SOUP – Slow roasted pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and acorn squash (ask if dairy-based/chicken broth-based)

SALAD DAYS – A salad of greens tossed with our own wild ramp and basil dressing

MASALA MAME – Spicy Indian Edamame

TOKYO FRO – Tasty curls of crispy potatoes

OKRA AND AVOCADO SASHIMI – Served with a spicy citrus tamari sauce

WARM GRAPES FALLING ON A HAPPY HEAD – A grape leaf wrapped roll of eggplant, avocado, pickled radish, scallions, and hot pepper drizzled with olive oil

VOOMPA – Spicy crunchy eggplant, your choice of goat cheese or smoked jalepeño cashew cheese (!!!), avocado, seasoned with home grown chilis and Iranian ghormeh sabze

KISS THE SMILING PIGGIE – Sweet potato, mango chutney, pine nuts

CHARLIE CHAN’S CHING CHONG ROLL – Fava bean tempura broccoli, roasted garlic, and black beans

SEVEN DEADLY SUSHI – A sinfully delicious roll of fermented, sundried banana, cashew butter, strawberries, chocolate, and homemade, hand-pounded mochi, topped withbaby scoops of rose petal ice cream―eaten in one bite, using your fingers (Ask about milk in chocolate, and no ice cream – sounds like it would be amazing even without it!)

There are also several vegetarian choices on the menu that may be veganizeable – RW is tricky, as substitutions are usually discouraged, but can’t hurt to ask!

Most of the other restaurants have yet to post their menus… mayyybe this will encourage these chefs to think outside the box? We love you, Miya’s.

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